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18 September 2019
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Butterfly Valley ( Mugla )

Visit Butterfly Valley Butterfly Valley, Mugla province, Fethiye district located within the boundaries of the valley Oludeniz. Butterfly Valley located on the foothills of Babadag,...

80 Thousand Giant-i Alem Park ( Konya )

Visit 80 Thousand Giant-i Alem Park Located on the border of Meram district in Konya province, 80 Binde Devr-i Alem Park is an enormous amusement...

Tomb of Nasreddin Hodja ( Konya )

Visit Tomb of Nasreddin Hodja One of the places visited by tourists in Konya is Nasrettin Hoca Mausoleum. Nasrettin Hoca Tomb located in the district...

Rustem Pasha Caravanserai ( Edirne )

Visit Rustem Pasha Caravanserai The Rustem Pasha Caravanserai is a magnificent 16th century caravanserai located in the center of Edirne. In 1554, the groom and grand...

Meric Bridge ( Edirne )

Visit Meric Bridge Mecidiye Bridge, also known as Meric Bridge, was built on the Meric River in Edirne-Karaagac road. Its construction began in 1842 during...

Selimiye Mosque – Selimiye Cami ( Edirne )

Visit Selimiye Mosque Selimiye Mosque, located in Edirne, Ottoman Sultan II. it is the mosque built by Selim to Mimar Sinan. The Selimiye Mosque, built...

Waterfall of Mencuna ( Artvin )

Visit Waterfall of Mencuna Mencuna Waterfall is a waterfall located in Arhavi district of Artvin province. 17 km from Arhavi district. away from Kucukkoy Kamilet...

Hatila Valley National Park ( Artvin )

Visit Hatila Valley National Park It is located within the borders of Artvin province in the Eastern Black Sea Region. It was declared a national...

Trabzon Castle – Trabzon Kalesi ( Trabzon )

Visit Trabzon Castle Trabzon Kalesi is located in Ortahisar city center. The walls of Trabzon Castle, which have been preserved until today, constitute the old buildings...

Ataturk Pavilion ( Trabzon )

Visit Ataturk Pavilion The building, which has the influences of European and Western Renaissance architecture and uses flamboyant European symbols, was built in the early...

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