Take a Trip Desert

Dominated by a harsh, unforgiving but beautiful desert and divided by the world’s longest river, nature travel in Egypt is something beautiful to experience.

Take a desert safari across the plains of the desert, walk along mud ridden paths and see ancient ruins along the desert oases. Feeling like you need to hear your adrenaline side as well, well take up quad biking across the desert or just sand board down the sand sea. All this with the starry nights and beautiful sunsets make this an experience not be missed.

The pace of life for over 6000 years of civilization depends on the Nile River which is the only source of water in Egypt. This takes away from everything you are used to in modern life. Land ownership is nothing and water access means it all!

The combination of the Nile River, the Western and Sinai deserts and oases make Egypt a wonderful place to explore nature.

Explore the Desert
Explore the Desert