Le Monde Des Affaires / 1th – Episode

Le monde des affaires is a show that promotes commercial and economic relations, cultural promotions to send investors because it required the consideration of common interests.

All activities, whether they relate to general economic policy or technical issues, are geared towards:

  • The promotion of international trade, services and investment as well as the removal of barriers and distortions to their development;
  • The promotion of the market economy, based on the principle of free and fair competition between companies;
  • Strengthening the economic growth of developed and developing countries, with a view to better integrating all countries into the global economy;
  • The business community: Convinced also of the urgent need to promote the respect of strict principles of fairness and good faith in international business and professional relations;

Le monde des affaires brings together the different economic sectors of the market economy countries and has for mission to:

a. Represent trade, industry, finance, transport, insurance, and in general all sectors of international economic activity;

b. To gather and formulate the opinions of enterprises, companies, organizations, firms and individuals whose activity is related to international trade and related operations, and to make their views known and supported by intergovernmental institutions interested parties, and, through its National Committees, Groups and Direct Members, to governments and other bodies in their respective countries;

c. To take effective and consistent action in the economic and legal spheres so as to contribute to the harmonious growth and freedom of international economic relations;

d. Provide practical and specialized services to the international business community;

e. To promote effective rapprochement and cooperation between businessmen from different countries and the organizations that unite them.