Best Activities in Africa : Safari

The safari for observing natural areas is one of the best activities in Africa. The 1,500 square-foot Masai Mara in Kenya is one of the most popular places for safari because of its spectacular scenery and unique natural habitat.

Masai Mara means the “spotted region” in Swahili. To do safari you need to contact private tour companies. During the safari adventure, which lasts for 3 days, the tents remain.

Daily Plan in Masai Mara

The animals are collected in groups in a vehicle. At this stage, you will see many animals and observe them. During the day, a picnic is done in nature and the trip is continued.

Animals You Can See in Masai Mara

Lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhinoceros are the most important animals to see. Also, zebra, giraffe, wild boar, hippopotamus, ostrich and colorful birds can be seen in abundance.

Since these animals are toured in their habitats, you can witness all the events they do during the day. You can witness animals’ hunting, mating and eating activities.

The biggest advantage of doing a safari in Kenya is to see animals very closely.