Algeria’s Most Famous Beaches

Combined with the warmth of the equator, the beauty of nature, the freshness of the Mediterranean Sea and the clarity of the ocean, Algerian beaches are the places that every traveler should add to their sightseeing activities.

What are you waiting to sunbathe and swim in the magnificent beaches stretching for 10 km?

We have listed all the beaches in Algeria for you:

1 Madagh Beach
Madagh Beach

Madagh Beach

Madagh Beach, located west of the center of Oran, is a secluded beach surrounded by Alborran trees and colored with bright tents and umbrellas.

2 Bejaia Beach
Bejaia Beach

Béjaïa Beaches

Located in Béjaïa, Sidi Abdelkader Beach, Sahel Beach and Les Aiguades Beach are ideal for sunbathing and swimming.

3 Marsa Ben M’Hidi
Marsa Ben M’Hidi

Marsa Ben M’Hidi

It is a beautiful beach with a marina and a fishing harbor. The beach is close to Wadi Kiss, which separates Algeria from Morocco.

4 Zeralda Beach
Zeralda Beach


The beaches in Zéralda include Sables beach and Le Azur beach (loosely converted to ‘Blue Beach’).

5 Ziama Mansouria
Ziama Mansouria

Ziama Mansouria

The town has two main beaches about 12 kilometers from each other: Le Rouge Plage (‘Red Beach’) and Afaghir beach.

6 Tichy Beach
Tichy Beach

Tichy Beaches

Tichy is a charming town with four large sandy beaches to be Plage du Center Ville, Plage Les Hammadite, Plage du Stade and Plage du Rochers.