Activities You Can Do in Cape Verde

We have listed the activities that can be done during a beautiful trip to Cape Verde.

1 Hiking in Cape Verde
Hiking in Cape Verde


There are many places available for hiking in the cape that can take anywhere between 2 to 7 hours to climb depending on the destination. Some of the more famous ones include; the Pico do Fogo, which takes close to 6 hours to climb. The Ponta do Sol, which takes around 6-7 hours as well. Valle de Paul, which is also a 6 hour trek to a breath taking, beautiful and stunning view once you reach the top. One of the shorter treks include Corda – Coculi, this one takes about 3 hours and don’t be fooled by the time, the view at the top is just as stunning as the rest!

2 Surfing in Cape Verde


Like hiking, you can find a few good spots for surfing across Cape Verde, from the beaches at Sal and the Pedra de Lume Salt Lake, to Santa Maria, to Boa Vista to mention a few. With clear water, good waves and perfect weather this is a surfer’s destination!

3 Diving in Cape Verde
Diving in Cape Verde


The underwater life in Cape Verde is greatly known for its marine life and here you get to be a part of the stunning eco system that exists. Notice colourful fish and reefs as you swim across, you may also be able to spot below larger species such as dolphins and whales throughout the year. Turtles and harmless sharks rest in caves. It is suitable for both professional and beginner divers and since there is not really a rainy season here, and the warm sea temperatures it’s almost always a good time to have a dive here.

4 Kitesurfing in Cape Verde
Kitesurfing in Cape Verde


Among all of the water sports you can find at Cape Verde, kitesurfing is one of the most entertaining and exciting one. You can be able to find this during November to March as winds during these periods are high and optimum for wind surfing. This is available to both beginners and professionals as they are facilities that help tutor you before you are ready to go on.