Activities You Can Do in Comoros

We have listed the activities that can be done during a beautiful trip to Comoros.

1 Trekking in Comoros
Trekking in Comoros


Have the opportunity to climb the highest still active volcano, Mount Karthala. It is a trek filled with energy and scenery. For those who don’t feel like climbing and would just like to relax there are plenty of beaches to do so.

2 Scuba Diving Comoros
Scuba Diving Comoros

Scuba Diving

Comoros islands are located in a prime location for scuba diving, throughout the island, there are many islands that offer good opportunities for scuba diving such as Mitsamiouli, Parc de Moheli and Mayotte Islands. Experience sea turtles, dolphins and whales with much more marine life as you swim with them.

Misc Activities

  • Take a cruise ship from the Comoros Island to Madagascar. Discover new locations and enjoy as land and sea become one.
  • Take a helicopter ride and enjoy the island from above as you soar over the lush greenery and the sandy beaches.
  • Go for some fishing and relax yourself. Catch some sailfish, yellowfin tuna, barracuda or the rest of the fish in the area.